For Hotels

Our goal is to support a market place where corporate buyers meet stand-alone and independent accommodation-properties of a pre-defined standard

How Accreditation helps the individual hotel?

More business

  • Listed in relevant RFP tools
  • Visibility on all ACTE media
  • Special recognition in the OTA’s
  • Satisfied and repeating business travelers

Less cost

  • Accredited Hotels will experience streamlined RFP processes

More information

  • The inspection process will support stand-alone hotels and small local chains to understand the requirements of the global corporate travel business related to safty & security, quality and added value
  • The inspection process is a piece of valuable consulting
Hotel stars

For Corporate Buyers

Our mission is to assist corporate buyers and business travelers to select best value for money based on safety & security, quality and added value.
  • As an active ACTE member, you have influence on the accreditation criteria which are under constant review
  • Accredited hotels fullfil all relevant safety & security standards
  • Independent hotels and small local chains normally are cheaper
  • As important questions of your RFP are covered by the accreditation, the entire procurement process gets streamlined
  • ACTE-BCHA is also available for specific inspections of your choice globally
Affiliated partners

For Affiliate Partners

Improve your business with corporations and the hospitality industry

Maybe you are already connected in a significant way to the hospitality industry in your country or region? Maybe you are a local association in the travel industry? Maybe you already run an inspection business in the hospitality or related industries?

What is in it for you, when becoming a partner of ACTE-BCHA?

  • Generate additional income e.g. by: Inspection fee; Increased revenues from your business partners in the hospitality industry
  • Establish and maintain an increasing network in the corporate travel world
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Get further media coverage inside and outside your region
  • Ensure your Duty of Care by choosing only the most reliable hotels for your corporate travellers’ needs