Who we are

  • ACTE-BCHA is the first global accreditation program for the hospitality industry combining safety & security as well as quality and added value for the business traveler.
  • At the same time it is the first significant step of ACTE to also focus on the accommodation part of global business travel

What we do

  • Our goal is to support a market place where corporate buyers meet stand-alone and independent accommodation-properties of a pre-defined standard
  • Our mission is to assist corporate buyers and business travelers to select best value for money based on safety & security, quality and added value.

What is the ACTE-BCHA program

  • What: Hotel accreditation program that outlines best properties and makes them visible to international corporate buyers and travellers. Each property is personally visited and checked based on more than accreditation 350 criteria
  • Why: to define and highlight Hotels on both developed and emerging markets including Independent hotels, global and local chains and confirm their suitability for corporate accommodation, meetings and conferences
  • How: via personal on-site hotel inspections checking against over 350 criteria via broad network of local affiliated partners and rating agencies
  • When: March 1st, ACTE Global launched Business and Conference Hotels Accreditation Program (BCHA). A Pilot project was rolled out in Russia, where almost 200 hotels passed the accreditation